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Promoting emotional, psychological and behavioral wellness

Our Services

Through extensive and varied programs, our mental health providers are able to treat a wide range of conditions and people, including children and adults.

Individual Counseling/Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy (also known as individual therapy or counseling) is a relationship between one person and a licensed therapist with the goal of provoking change and improving the client’s quality of life. 

Group Counseling

Group therapy creates a support network of individuals experiencing similar concerns.  Behavioral Health Services offer various group counseling sessions to address specific areas of concern.

Psychological Testing for All Ages

Our psychologists are uniquely qualified to assess an individual’s mental, emotional, and psychological status utilizing psychological tests and interviews.

Specialized Therapy Services

Behavioral Health offers Specialized Therapy Services  to include trauma-based therapy and evidence-based treatments for anxiety and depression

Virtual Counseling

Online therapy, otherwise known as “teletherapy,” involves meeting face-to-face with a licensed mental health therapist or counselor using an electronic device such as a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

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