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Psychological Testing for All Ages

Psychological Testing for All Ages

Psychological testing can take many forms, but in many cases the objectives are the same. Primary objectives of testing are to gain a more complete diagnostic “picture” and to better inform the client’s treatment. A comprehensive psychological assessment can provide valuable information about you or your child’s strengths and weaknesses, yield diagnostic information, and lead to recommendations for treatment planning. The process of assessment often has significant benefits, and most people find it to be a helpful experience. Risks of assessment are often minimal, but can include identification of specific areas of weakness as well as diagnosis of a psychological disorder, which may be uncomfortable for some people.

The process of assessment typically includes three types of unique interactions:

Please be aware that we do not provide assessment services for custody evaluations, forensic issues, or other court proceedings. If you require such a service, please notify our staff and we will provide you with appropriate referrals.

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